Which Home Heating Gas Boiler Options Are There?

When deciding about keeping your home warm and having a decent hot water supply, it’s important to consider several gas boiler options in depth before spending your money.

gas boiler for your homeThe most popular type of gas boiler at present, would seem to be the combination or combi boiler, however, combi’s are not suitable for every family home.

Combi boilers do not use a water storage tank and rely on direct mains water pressure to operate. In effect, they heat the water as it passes through the boiler, giving almost “instant” hot water.

However, when you haveĀ  multiple simultaneous users (like 2 showers being used + washing machine etc.) a combi boiler can struggle to provide enough flow or hot water to deal with all at once.

Whilst some of the higher capacity versions may be better at this, for a big family with high hot water demands, then you are better going for a system that uses a hot water storage tank.

Hot Water & Central Heating?

Here is another dilemma with a combi boiler – the way the system will prioritise hot water use over home heating. A combi boiler will not run the central heating and give hot water from the taps at the same time, it’s one or the other.

However, even with a storage tank, you would need to make sure that it is heated at the right time of day to coincide with the demand from your family.

In short, if you have a smaller property and a small family with reasonable hot water & home heating demands, combi gas boilers may suit you best. If you have a big house with a big family and high hot water demands then a regular gas boiler system could be your best option.

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