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Holmsleigh B&B in Braunton

Day Out With Kids Braunton

Is easy with lot’s of outdoor spaces, natural countryside, beaches and facilities at your finger tips.

Day Out With Kids Braunton take a ride to Crow Point Beach and walk along the American Road, named after the troops from the USA. Training in the 1940’s amongst the sand dunes and on the beaches. Walk along side the waterways. A natural irrigation called a dyke with grazing cattle and roaming sheep along the fields next to it.  Here you will see heron and swans and birds of prey.

Day Out With Kids Braunton at Crow Point

Day Out With Kids Braunton at Crow Point

Pass Velator Quay for great fishing and no better catcher than the kingfisher can be spotted here. Turn left onto the toll road and £1.70 only for a day as long as you want. There is a car park at the end of the road and a large map of the area will guide you. Take the boardwalk through the Braunton Burrows to Saunton Sands taking in the rare wildlife or camp out for the day on Crow Point Beach.

This is a stunning location to take a picnic , some chairs, have a B B Q from just getting the kids to gather the stones for a circle and driftwood to burn.  There are no crowds. This is a family day out where the kids can let go and enjoy nature. Collect driftwood and stones and shells, to use later and decorate on those rainy days to create your own memory keepsakes. All of this is free to you. No spending a fortune in gift shops

Day Out With Kids Braunton at Crow Point

Day Out With Kids Braunton at Crow Point

Make a simple wind chime from a long piece of driftwood and then attach smaller pieces that hang with some fishing line. Paint messages on the stones and put them in your garden or hand out to friends. The clam shells have a little hole where they were once joined together. Find enough of these and they make nice jewellery.

Children will learn so much and remember happy times of simple fun. A complete no stress, no spend day out in Braunton for the kids.