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Holmsleigh B&B in Braunton

Damien Hirst Verity Statue

Damien Hirst Verity Statue in from Holmsleigh, Braunton is approx six miles from Ilfracombe the statue is 66 ft stainless steel and bronze statue of a pregnant woman and stands on the harbour.

Damien Hirst Verity Statue.

Verity Statue Ilfracombe.

Make of it what you will, there have been many critics perhaps shocked by the open anatomy on one side of her, exposing the baby. I really love it’s presence there ,in one hand a sword and the other a set scales, standing on law books. Verity meaning, true principle or belief and Damien calling it truth and justice. Makes sense to me.

Damien Hirst Verity Statue Standing On Law Books in Ilfracombe

Damien Hirst Verity Statue Article by B&B Braunton a closer look at Verity in Ilfracombe

Damien Hirst Verity Statue, Ilfracombe, Closer view

visiting the Verity Statue Ilfracombe also has a gallery and restaurant with stunning views over the harbour. The Quay Restaurant and Other Criteria Gallery.